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Project name: VI-66


Gender: Female

Species: Artificial Demon

Age- Appears to be around her 20's

Eye colour: Light blue

Hair colour: Blonde

Skin colour: Pale white

Height: 6 feet (185 cm)

With long blonde hair, blue eyes and standing 6 feet tall, Fulguria would resemble an amazon of old if not for her more, inhuman traits. With elegant black iron horns curving along her head, a smooth yellow prehensile tail extending from her lower back and black claws, her amazonesque appearance takes a more, daemonic turn.


Electrical Organs – organs capable of creating electrical currents and directing them, derived from muscle tissue and nerves, derived from the organs electric fish (electric eel) use. They are present loosely across her entire musculature, but are highly concentrated right beneath her “ley lines”. These allow the creation of potentially deadly currents.

“Ley lines”- The bright yellow line, around 3 inches thick that run along her spine, from the base of her neck to the tip of her tail, branching at the top and bottom to run along the outside of her limbs, ending in a hollow circumference on the back of her hands and feet. These lines resemble bright tattoos, but they are actually an accumulation of colloidal silver ions along the skin, allowing her to focus her bioelectricity there when she needs to create stronger currents.

Yellow tail – She has a 3,5 feet long, lizard-like smooth and slender tail that is fully covered in the lightly thicker skin of the ley line, making it fully yellow. The tail is fully prehensile and very flexible, capable of being used as a more dexterous arm, and due to the lei line coverage it can be used to deliver high amounts of electrical current.

Blue blood -  Her blood is bright blue in colour, since it is copper-based instead of being iron-based like humans. Blue blood is usually composed of free-flowing copper, making it only advantageous in high pressures, but in her case its composed of a copper equivalent of haemoglobin, making it more efficient in terms of oxygenation. This blood gives her a higher stamina and increases her electrical conductivity.

Iron horns and claws -  Due to her copper blood her body doesn't need most of the iron she gets from her diet, to circumvent that her body uses the iron deposit to form two elegant, ribbed black horns, that protrude from her temples and curve elegantly above her head before arching upwards lightly. The iron is also used to compose her retractile claws at the end of each finger and toe. Due to their composition, when put under electrical currents both the horns and the claws can become temporarily magnetized, or, if the current is large enough, become extremely heated at the cost of hurting her.

Reinforced skeleton -  Her metabolism allows her to actively metabolize some metals, causing them to gradually accumulate along her skeleton, reinforcing it lightly.

Background: Created by Jester as just another step in his study for bioelectricity.  This series of experiments were created, and performed by Jester in an effort to understand, and perhaps improve his own electrical capabilities. However this series, along with many others, where abruptly stopped during the great time jump, during which all of Xythen was frozen in time. The time freeze had the disadvantage of placing Yggdrasil, at the time Jester's lab and residence, under hibernation, cutting him off from his experiments. One of the survivors from this catastrophe  was subject VI-66, or Fulguria as she latter named herself. Waking up from her growth-pod, surrounded by not-so-lucky dead subjects, she had a rude awakening to her life.
    Modern society struggles for equality and acceptance of all minorities, be it ethnic, sexual preferences, or simply gender. And while it is a noble and necessary cause, they way they go about it just makes things all much worst. How you ask? Very simple:Granting special privileges to minorities is an act of discrimination in itself. Society today seems to think that in order to achieve equal rights, one must treat minorities differently, granting them more legal space than the one normally afforded, thus opening way for a reverse discrimination, where the minority attacks the majority, using their "special status" as an excuse.

    I'm not saying normal discrimination doesn't exist, or that we shouldn't change the way we treat minorities, we still need to go through some drastic changes in our pursuit for a perfect world, but the way we are dealing with the issue is like gifting a ton of toys and candy to a child you just slapped, of course they are going to get spoiled, and remind you of that slap each time they need anything.

    This sort of reverse discrimination isn't all that rare, and even some members of the minorities complain that their kind push them into a stereotypical behaviour in order to fit in. For example, I know of a homosexual man that is oppressed by his homosexual friends because he refuses to dress or act flamboyant, He doesn't want to be a gay man, he just wants to be a man that happens to be gay, but this form of thought lead him to be branded as "acting straight", whatever that means. And he isn't alone in his plight either, women that actually love to be stay at home mom's are ridiculed by their pears, and black people are mocked by their ghetto counterparts for "surrendering to the white man". So you see, its not that they all act that way, they are pushed by the more fanatic members of their community, much like a deranged religion.

    One of the most fanatic"equal rights" fighters are feminist, and while some of them escape this extreme line of thought, the unfortunate majority is irate against men as a whole. They claim them want to be treated equally, having the same rights as men, fighting against "unfair body standards". what they forget while doing so, is the misogynistic way they treat men. They complain men ridicule heavy women, but they in turn ridicule short men. You can easily loose weight, it is impossible to gain height. I understand that some men treated you wrongly in the past, and while those individuals deserve to be punished, not all of us are like that. You must also understand, not all of you are beautiful, at least not to everyone, the same way we (men) can't be beautiful for everyone. Everyone has different standards of beauty, from chubby curvy women, to petite slim girls, beauty is possible in all body types, but not everyone is beautiful in them. the exception to this is of course, extreme body types, no one is beautiful in an obese, anorectic or muscle-freak body, no one.

    So just to end my rantly rant, discrimination does exist, and while you should fight against it, don't use it as a crutch for your own flaws. Stop and think for a moment, maybe people don't hate you because of your choices of because of what you are, maybe they hate you because of WHO you are.

Blegh, comments are appreciated if anyone even ever reads this thing. Sorry for any mistakes you find in the wall of text above.

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